The Real Istanbul

Dikkat (warning)!  I have not visited the accommodation written about in this link, but based on the description, this is exactly where I would stay if I were visiting Istanbul.

When we visited last May to scope out where we wanted to live, we stayed in a similar, though not quite as colorful, neighborhood. It was lovely.  You wake up to the sounds of a real place.  And, as this article says, it will be a shock to the Western senses — because it is so “foreign”.  But, why else do we travel?

I will go check this place out when I have time — when I am not in 5 days/week Turkish lessons.

I have so much to tell you on this blog, and I’m keeping notes, but for now, I must go back to studying.  Jim and I have been “cleared” to move forward to level 2 Turkish.  But, we certainly don’t know level 1!  Tömer’s 80 hour/month level 1 is way above our ability to absorb.  It has moved so fast…with so much material, and so much homework.  We feel it is worth the investment, and that the earlier we learn Turkish, the more we will enjoy our stay — but yikes!  We will hire a private tutor for level 2, as well as attending class.  We’ll never keep up otherwise.

Blog readers, you are on my mind…don’t give up on me!