Jim and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this year, 2012.  Many years ago,  in a conversation about our future, we agreed we wanted to live outside of the US, where we needed to speak the language, before we got too old.  The “before we are too old” part is NOW.  So, we have decided to lease out our California home and move to Istanbul with our dog and cat for two years.  My hope is that we are in Istanbul to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2012.

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  1. Hi Ginny,
    somehow got disconnected from your Blog for awhile. Came across it today and have spent the last 30 minutes catching up on you and your journey. Love seeing your photos and reading your story of everyday life there. Lucy is a kick!


  2. Hello!
    I love your writing and reporting. I am an art teacher in the USA and will be moving to Istanbul this summer to begin a teaching career there, as you have done. Please keep writing! I glean so much from your perspective. In one of your recent articles you mentioned that you were on your way to a life drawing class and that it was cancelled b/c of the protests. Are you an artist? I am interested in learning about this life drawing class you were trying to get to. My email is anitajohorton at me dot com.


  3. Ginny! the Praying Women got together recently and were talking about you and your adventure…so good that you are “doing it now” and such an inspiration to me. I lost your blog address, but here you on Twitter, so I am glad to reconnect. Love the photographs! Stacey


  4. Hi Ginny, Just found your blog through Linkedin. Congratulations on your new adventure! Takes a lot of guts to set out on such a journey. Enjoy every day! Tricia Banks


    • Rita is amazing, you won’t believe it. We had to stay with friends for 4 days after we left our house, before we flew. She vocalized her unhappiness at being closed into one room, but she tolerated anyone who came into the room, let them pet her, and she didn’t stop eating like I expected her to. Then, when we drove down to LA, she hung out on the seat with Lucy. Not a peep from her carrier on the empty seat next to me. Here in the new place, no complaining, running around like a crazy kitten for exercise, and just generally hanging out. She’s adjusted to being an inside cat with no problem, and seems to like us, can you believe it? I never would have guessed!


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