Istanbul Gone


We spent most of 2015 deciding where to move and then doing it. We chose between Berlin and Barcelona, making our first reconnaissance trip to Barcelona in early January and to Berlin in mid February. The weather did not factor into our decision, but the fact that walking in Barcelona we found the neighborhood we wanted to live in, and we couldn’t find its counterpart in Berlin sealed the deal.

For an American, without an EU passport, getting a visa to apply for the residence permit is challenging. Especially when gathering all of the information from two countries while in one with poor mail delivery – even express mail (Turkey, it’s complicated.)

We travel heavy, and pets add complexity…the pets needed titer tests, a four month procedure, which I didn’t start until June…having missed that little detail earlier. So, though we’d found and rented our apartment beginning in June in Barcelona, we stayed in Moda until October 28. Meanwhile we had some painting and other minor renovation done in Spain.

We’ve been here in Spain almost two months now.  It is Christmas Day and we will be cooking dinner for new friends, who are also fairly new expats in Barcelona.

I know I’ve abandoned you, my readers.  And for bloggers that’s the ultimate offense.  I quit writing this blog because as things developed in Turkey, I found it inadvisable to publish what I really wanted to say, and that killed the joy of the process for me.  I’m sad about Turkey and its situation. Living there was an adventure of my lifetime. I took to it immediately and thrived. I miss a lot about it, and certainly my dear friends.

Here is a (very amateur) video I made in May in advance of our leaving.


I was asked often what I would miss about Turkey.  It was impossible to know the whole answer to that question before going, but I did know it would be the creatures.  As I rewatched the video I was filled with such nostalgia and longing.  The whole street animal thing combined with the city’s integration with the sea is special and unique in the world I think.

Yes, it was a wonderful experience.  We lived there nearly three years, and I am so glad we did.

I will migrate this blog in some fashion…to another name at least…but for now I’m limited to an ipad as my single device and camera, and so will publish here for the near future.

Happy Holidays!




6 thoughts on “Istanbul Gone

  1. Hi Ginney! We are thinking about you and hoping we can really come to Spain to visit you. Hope you and Jim are thriving there! We do not have any actual plans yet, just at the dreaming state. I am swamped with things to do that are on-hold till I get a recent sciatica flare-up under control. Off to the doctor this afternoon as it is not getting any better.

    Seattle is beautiful right now – sun and mild temperature for the winter. The deceptive pleasures of global warming.

    Love, Erin

    On Fri, Dec 25, 2015 at 3:33 AM, Istanbul’da wrote:

    > Virginia Westphal Uhl posted: ” We spent most of 2015 deciding where to > move and then doing it. We chose between Berlin and Barcelona, making our > first reconnaissance trip to Barcelona in early January and to Berlin in > mid February. The weather did not factor into our decision, ” >


  2. Christmas morning in Greenhorn Creek is frosty and cold. Of course, I was up early, getting a start on food prep for the hordes arriving tomorrow. Ryan and boys came up late Wed night and have been nesting until the cousins arrive.

    Another activity this AM was my 4-1/2 mile walk around the neighborhood and I’m wondering how your training is going? You must be pounding out lots of miles on the streets of Barcelona. How is it to be in a western country this Christmas Season?

    I drove over to PV a week ago last Sun for Cheryl’s last Christmas Pageant. What a riot. I’ll forward the video clips to you. The audio isn’t great but worth the effort to figure out the clever dialogue. Alexandra Ornes is the angel Gabreal being trained in the finer angel points by archangel Michael (Betsey).

    I have enjoyed many moments throughout the last weeks including my 40th sticky bun party and continue to be touched by the love and generosity of family and friends. I wish you peace, joy and health for the new year and also wish you a successful dinner today.

    Hi to Jim and love to you both,


    Sent from my iPad



  3. Loved your video. I am an animal lover myself and am owned by a cat named Misha and also feed a few strays in my neighborhood.
    Can’t wait to read about your experiences in Barcelona, a city I fell in love with but have not had the opportunity to go back. So, enjoy and keep us updated.


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