A quick look at Facebook this morning has me expecting to find the rainbow ruled against the law, any day now.

From Kartal to Kiziltoprak an outbreak of colored stairs occurred this weekend, in response to municipal erasure of such a spot in Beyoğlu.

Before and After

Before and After.  To me this doesn’t look like the same set of stairs.  I read in the news that the belediye (municipality) grayed out a colorful staircase, and it may different angles of the same place.

I have borrowed these photos from online.  They show the cat and mouse game being played by the government and those who disagree with it.  Very quickly, every iteration of protest becomes illegal in an overnight law.   So, the 9 pm pot and pan symphonies have stilled, with neighbors urged to report on each other.

Kiziltoprak Tren Istasyonu (train station).

Kiziltoprak Tren Istasyonu (train station).


This one is signed by Beşiktaş Çarşi, the support club for the Beşiktaş futbol (soccer) team.  They are particularly naughty çapulçular (marauders), so named by the Man.  Their paint job is lovely, isn’t it?

1239037_601486776568677_1986022445_nI think wielding a paint brush is a great way to spend a holiday weekend.  The designs are getting more sophisticated.


1175184_634235473275167_1269524274_nankara kizilay

Ankara Kizilay

Actually, Turkey has a ways to go to match colorful staircases.  See these in Lebanon.


This looks like a staircase on Gemmayzeh Street, Beirut.



Hilly Istanbul has many staircases…imagine the potential for creativity.  I’m afraid, however, more gray paint is on order.  Here’s why:

"World Peace Day" activities.

“World Peace Day” activities.

Barış (peace) I say.


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